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Good question… How do you express your identity? I suppose firstly by giving  your name and details… Well, my name’s Nancy Marie-Lise Cardo, I was born on January 15th, 1978 in Melbourne, Australia. Family history? I was born to an Italian father and Egyptian mother, which might explain my confused identity. What do I do? A lot of things, but mostly I write songs, sing and play guitar, draw and paint… and that’s where I think you’ll find my true identity, if you really care to see further into me…

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Well, I’ve been working on this big, blue and massively intense thing that I’ve named Neptune after the planet and the God of the seas. I know pretty pretentious, eh? That’s just the way I envision it when playing it, especially in the song The Rest. The whole album has a lot of me and my fellow musicians in it. Unfortunately we ran into some issues with the cover artwork which stalled the whole project for nearly a year. Fortunately I finally saw the light! So here’s the plan:

The first 50 copies of the Neptune album will have blank covers. That’s right. I will personally create the artwork for all 50 covers so that they are unique in themselves. Stay tuned for the pre-sale date of those.

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Big question…

I’d always loved drawing and singing since I was a child, and I started to pick up guitar back in high school, but it was only when I moved to Italy in 1994 that I really threw myself into songwriting, drawing and painting being unable to express myself in the Italian language.

Since then with the help of my partner/instrument technician and friend/sound engineer I’ve set up my own home recording studio where I’ve played with many great musicians and recorded many a song/demo/disc. Then in time I played lots of live shows, left a few interviews and even got airplay on national radios here in Italy.

Basically what I’ve done is enabled a childhood dream to continue throughout adulthood…

(You can find a more detailed and boastful summary of my achievements in the press kit which is also downloadable here.)

NEPTUNE – ? – (coming soon)


So to me making music is an ongoing mission. It usually starts as a pretty personal idea that gets shared to the wonderfully open musicians I work with who help me develop it. Then the sound engineer gets involved and helps us record it. And that’s when we try to get it out there as much as possible. It is constant tough work and at times a very delicate thing to handle… but I couldn’t live without it!

So it’s become a bit of a mission to defend it with all my might hoping to continue producing music till I am able to. And as long as there are people out there supporting* us it will always be worth all the effort.

*Ways to support us: come to our live performances, cheer us on, contact us, follow us, suggest a gig, purchase our music and merchandise, hear us and let us know what our music has meant to you, as it means a lot to us.

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